Made to Fit Right In

Our Range of Bespoke Chaises can be made to compliment your individual Colour Scheme, Decor and Company Logos.

Colours and Materials

The Materials and Colours can be combined to create luxury pieces that really make a statement,

Create a Space

Ideal for your Atrium, Reception area,  or for your staff relaxation & Brainstorm space, our statement chaises are sure please!


Increase Productivity

Have you ever had your greatest idea whilst lying in bed? You're not the only one! Recreate that for your workforce by introducing our Bespoke Chaises to your Brainstorming Sessions. Creating a relaxing space to think clearly without distractions.

Offices of the Future

Move with the times by creating modern and individualistic spaces in your office. Whether for your staff or your visitors, the Chaise Longues we have are contemporary, curvaceous and made with aesthetics at the heart of their design.

Contemporary Office Furniture - Choose Chaise Longues from Tantra Designs

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Midnight Black Chaise Longue at Tantra Designs

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