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About Us

Tantra Designs Buddha Chaise Longue in a hotel suite

Our Vision

We aim to bring products to the market that will assist people in relaxation, meditation and holistic practices.

We see that people lead a more generally stressful and unfulufilled life in present times and that taking time out from each day to get away from the stresses and strains is beneficial for body and mind.

We want to ensure that our customers have got the equipment required to ensure they are able to get that extra Yoga stretch, relax and read a book, take time out and meditate.

Our Story

We saw a place in the market for relaxation furniture and we wanted to find luxurious Products, Designs and Materials in order to bring to our customers products to help them become more relaxed, take part in Yoga or Pilates with assistive furnishings and have a magical space to get away from the day.

We all lead very busy lives and we see the importance of taking time out to re-engage.

We have been working to get the right products for our portfolio.

Next Steps…

Take a look through our beautiful range of furniture. We have a vast product portfolio to suit all tastes and styles. Our materials and fabrics are simply stunning and will compliment all decors.

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