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The most sustainable, recyclable air purifier on Earth.

Briiv’s revolutionary filters use 100% renewable and natural materials to create clean, safe air so you can breathe naturally.

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Why Care About Air?

The first step to a better quality of life is taking care
of our breathing. Air pollution affects your ability to sleep, think clearly and feel happy which in turn will affect other aspects such as moods or productivity at work

90% Natural Materials

Elephant Grass based bioplastics, Hemp Fibre and Cork are used for the base, which is also adhesive free.

78% Natural Filter Material

Sustainably sourced Moss, Coconut, Wood Carbon and Silk Nano Fibre are all natural fibres suitable for home composting.

100% More Biodegradable

Every component of briiv has been meticulously considered. Parts that are not biodegradable, such as the glass, can be easily recycled.

Plants are amazing

There is no denying it

Briiv have taken nature and given it a boost. briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants. So you can enjoy the benefits of having plants in your home without the hassle.

Easy Touch Controls

Clean air is what it’s all about. Reducing toxins, pollution and fine dust in the air we breathe is proven to improve our health and we’re passionate about making peoples lives better whilst doing as little harm to the planet as possible. One hour boost to clean your air fast!

Briiv VS Pollutants

The air we breathe at home isn’t just influenced by traffic and factories; tiny particles are released into your living space every time you cook, light a candle or use any cleaning product. These aren’t small problems either—even playing with our pets can release harmful dander.