Setting up your Jaxx Beanbag

Bean Bag Set-up Instructions

1. Open plastic bag containing the inner liner and unzip the liner. (Do not unzip foam capsule until step 3.)

2. Place the compressed foam on liner.

3. Unzip foam capsule. Break open plastic bag so that the foam expands into the protective liner. If there are any lumps, break them apart with your hands.

4. Zip liner closed and twist off head.

5. The ECOFOAM will begin to expand immediately. WAIT 6 HOURS for ECOFOAM to fully expand to fill the liner.

6. AFTER 6 HOURS place the expanded foam inside the liner into the outer cover.

7. Have a seat!

Check out the video for more direction. PLEASE BE PATIENT as full expansion may take up to 3 days. Regular “fluffing” is recommended.

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